Autism Spectrum Disorder

Has your child been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)? You are not alone.

Autism is a condition that affects 1 in 88 children according to estimates from the Centers for Disease Control.

While we are, as individuals, as different as snowflakes, we also have some pretty big similarities….our brains.  We have discovered a great deal about how the brain functions and it’s “Neuroplastic” abilities to change and remodel its structure and pathways to create better (or worse) brain function.  Our brain waves can become “off-track” resulting in unwanted states or behaviors.  There is a way to get these brain waves back “on-track” so the brain can perform and function at its very best, and it’s with Neurofeedback.  Neurofeedback teaches self-regulation. Once the client has learned, the individual tends not to forget (we don’t usually forget how to ride a bike once that skill has been well learned).

Unlike medication, neurofeedback has no side effects.

Neurofeedback has been able to help with the following ASD symptoms:

  • hyperactivity
  • communication
  • touch and contact
  • focus and attention
  • anxiety
  • parent or teacher instruction
  • social interaction
  • tolerance to change

Dr. Robert Coben, a neuropsychologist from New York, and his colleague Dr. Ilean Padolsky performed a study that included 37 Autistic Spectrum Disorder children called the “Assessment-Guided Neurofeedback for Autistic Spectrum Disorder,” Furthermore, the results of his study showed improved ratings of ASD symptoms for 89% of the experimental group.

View the study here


What People Are Saying

I can’t say enough positive things about Dr. Yonce and staff. Asheville Brain Training has helped my daughter turn things around in school and socially. She is able to maintain her focus longer, able to maintain friendships, and is doing better in school. I appreciate the feedback I get in the beginning and end of the training as well as their concern for how she is doing overall. We are so fortunate to have found Asheville Brain Training.

Gail O.

Asheville Brain Training has changed our family’s life, and especially our young daughter’s. Dr. JoJo talked with us through all aspects of what may be challenging our daughter, from diet to environmental toxins (even before we decided to work with him), but it was the brain training that amazed us. At times, with a tweak to our protocol, there was a noticeable difference the next day.
Our main goal was to see improvement in our daughter’s ability to focus in school, and our secondary goal was to help her to better regulate her emotions. Both happened.
Dr. JoJo and his staff are warm and easy to talk to, and they deeply want to help you! This struck us every time we walked through the door.

Christine H

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