Anxiety / Depression

If you suffer with depression or anxiety, you are not alone.  There is help.

The frenetic, panicky energy of anxiety and the lonely, listless quality of depression may seem like polar opposites, but the truth is, anxiety and depression are just different manifestations of a core dysfunction in the brain.

Medications just treat the symptoms and do not correct the source of the problem in the brain. The At Home Brain Training approach is different.  

When you correct the imbalance, your brain is better able to receive and process serotonin and dopamine, the key neurotransmitters for a healthy brain.

We measure brain function with a quantitative EEG brain map, so that we can see any dysregulation in the brain waves that are associated with depression and/or anxiety. Once we see the source of the problem, we target that area for change through neurofeedback brain training. This allows you to reshape your brain, not just mask your symptoms.

And when your brain starts to function better, you will feel well enough to participate in life, connect with others, and do the things you love.


What People Are Saying

Biofeedback at the Asheville brain training center changed my life. I was diagnosed with general anxiety disorder, PTSD & depression, and after only 15 out of the 30 sessions, my mental wellness has done a 180… Not only does biofeedback work, at the Asheville brain training center you’re not going to find more qualified or nicer people to be around people.I feel very fortunate to have this in my backyard and now everyone else in my family is wanting to sign up as well. My life can now finally get started & I owe that all to the help I received from Dr.Yonce, his employees & biofeedback…thank you!!

D Roxy

I would highly recommend Dr Yonce to anyone who suffers from anxiety, depression and insomnia. I’ve seen great progress in all three of these areas since starting my treatment. Dr Yonce and his staff are warm, caring and truly concerned with my well being and progress towards a better life. I’ve seen my need for prescription anti-anxiety medications drop significantly and have been sleeping through the night most nights. Once again I can’t say enough positive things about my experience with the entire Asheville Brain Training staff and treatment I have received!

John K

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